ClockedIn has a few settings you can customize. See below each of these settings, which you can find in the admin dashboard under Settings.

Note: if you make any changes to settings, make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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Start of week

Here you can select the day of the week that marks the beginning of your week.

This will affect the way weeks are divided when sending the schedule to your team members (see Scheduling explained).

You can personalize ClockedIn so your logo is displayed at the top of the Clock In / Clock Out page. Just select an image as indicated on the screen and click Upload:

You can change or remove the image uploaded at any time.

Weekly timesheet notifications

You can get an export of your timesheet automatically sent via email on a weekly basis. Use the option Add email address if you need to add additional recipients:

Timesheet forecasting

This setting enables the ability to add shifts on a date in the future (see How to add a shift for a team member).

This may be useful for accounting records to record paid time off a team member may have - like a vacation or scheduled time off, for instance. When this is disabled, you can only adjust historical data, i.e. the current and previous dates.

Calculate team member earnings

Enable this feature to get an overview of your team members' labor costs:

These costs will be displayed in the admin's Home, as well as in each team member's page: