How to add team members

Awesome, so you have the app installed, and you have added your first account administrator.  You're on your way to easily managing your team's hours works. 

Now we will walk you through how to add a new team member to your account. 


Access, then under Admin enter your PIN and click Log in (you may also click the "check" button next to "0"):


In the admin page, click on Team members:


Click Add team member:

You may also add team members in bulk through the option Import team member from CSV. When clicking on it, you'll have the option to download a template through which you can fill out the details of your team members:


Fill out the required fields, then click Save. When adding new team members, you have the option to make them an admin by clicking Enable next to the Admin account option. You may also upload their photo through the option on the right:

The above steps will help you add team members to your store. In order to manage existing team members, please refer to How to manage existing team members.