How to manage existing team members

ClockedIn has made it easy for you manage existing team members, including their access levels. 

Here's how:

1. Login through the admin panel.  It is important to note that it is the tab on the right

2. Next, enter in your PIN code and then click enter

3.  This will take you to the admin page.  Click Manage users

4. On this page you will see three sections, Account admins, Manage existing team members, and Add team members

Account admins  are team members who already have administrative access

Manage existing team members are team members who exist in the system but who are not administrators- this is where you can grant admin access levels to existing team members

Add team members is where you can add new team members

5.  By clicking into any of the accounts you'll be able to:

  • Adjust the name
  • Change their pin
  • Toggle Admin permissions on and off